Bill FB ProfileAlliantz is merely a strange way of spelling Alliance. Hey, different can be good…right?  In essence it refers to the many alliances necessary in helping me and my clients maneuver through the information technology landscape. None of us are doing this alone.

Me? I am one of those strange people who use both sides of the brain. I have always been a technologist, but started my career on the creative side of the table where I won numerous awards as a writer, producer and director working on print and broadcast advertising campaigns. Today, I win my awards with the most affordable and high quality information technology products and services available.

I enjoy a good challenge and continually hone my own information technology skills and knowledge to better serve my client base. So, it’s not unusual for me to be digging into the books studying for my next certification, getting dusty in a switch closet pulling cables or writing code just to see if it can be done.

This Web site covers a combination of my thoughts and things I find interesting in the world of IT at any given moment.  A good portion of the content on this site is driven by my posts on Twitter, but I will occasionally post something just for this site alone.

If you’re really want to get your geek on, you can also check out my public page on Facebook for more of what I’m reading.  And, I publish a Daily Paper that covers a little more than IT. Again, a lot of the content may be similar, but there are those occasional golden nuggets that only make to one of the locations.

Thanks for visiting.  Leave comments if you wish.