About Bill Sanders

As a trusted integrator, I provide my clients with proven technology solutions that are based on knowledgeable consultation, design, project management, procurement, and installation & support. I am focused on providing solutions to my customers that help them lower operating costs, enhance business functionality, and provide an immediate ROI. I enjoy a good challenge and continually hone my own information technology skills and knowledge to better serve my client base.

The Numbers Of Those Connected Will Grow Exponentially

Business leaders and policymakers must come to grips with the changing demography of the new digital class. ln.is/recode.net/201…

The Next Billion: A New Digital Generation | Re/code – Linkis.com Massive uptake in broadband and new devices, staggering by themselves, forecasts unprecedented digital and social upheaval down the road.

Teachers, Not Technology, Teach

The fact that students make use of electronic devices doesn’t make them good users of what’s at their disposal. ln.is/educationnext.… I’ll go on to say that buying every student an iPad doesn’t mean the school is teaching the children well.

At the end of the day, nothing trumps good teaching. And by good teaching I mean understanding that every student is different and each student requires direction and guidance.

Technology is merely a tool like pencil and paper. I implore educators to put a plan around their tools before they run off spending money on cool toys.

Should Personalization Be the Future of Learning? – Education Next : Education Next – Linkis.com

Sometimes The Trees Get In The Way When You’re Trying To Look At The Forest

At some point, business leaders wind up with a distorted view of their products or services and the marketplace. ln.is/www.cioinsight…

It is my humble opinion that if you are redirecting your company based on what you are reading in the trades, you are too late in making the change. If you’re making the change based on where you see others being successful, you’re too late in making the change.

The only real direction on where you should steer your corporate vessel comes from understanding your core business, where you’ve been, what you’re good at, and where you’re customers need you to be as they evolve.

The ones who get it ignore the media and the competition and focus on their customers.

For Tech Companies, Disruption Is the New Normal – Linkis.com In an era of open platforms, connected services and APIs, better business decisions need to be made to fit the marketplace.