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As a trusted integrator, I provide my clients with proven technology solutions that are based on knowledgeable consultation, design, project management, procurement, and installation & support. I am focused on providing solutions to my customers that help them lower operating costs, enhance business functionality, and provide an immediate ROI. I enjoy a good challenge and continually hone my own information technology skills and knowledge to better serve my client base.

From the RIM to the Cloud

Blackberry 10I haven’t given up on BlackBerry quite yet. I realize I’m not among the masses, but I dig the business class product that they’ve made for so long. While I understand the consumerization of technology, I think this is one product that will eventually stand strong. BlackBerry 10 is on the way.

The Cisco Catalyst 6500is alive and living in Argentina…no…sorry, that’s not true. However, it is a strong player to this day in the data center.

Cisco Catalyst 6513 Switch

Cisco Catalyst 6513 Switch

The Sanders Daily is out. Have you figured out yet that it comes out daily? 🙂

In the world of education, it has become obvious to educators that education technology is a motivational tool. Let’s see, from the moment they leave the school student’s are connected via mobile devices and their gaming systems. Yep, pretty sure they are more up to speed than the school system. On a similar note, the state superintendent wants to extend accountability to the school districts. Hmmmm.

On the storage front, 3Par is doing some cool stuff. Hosted virtual servers are certainly an option to be considered. And, the HP Gen8 servers ROCK!!

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Twitter Updates for 2012-09-29

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Twitter Updates for 2012-09-28

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  • The Sanders Daily is out! http://t.co/bQxtFsaL ▸ Top stories today via @butleru #
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  • Data centers waste on average more than 90% of the energy they suck from the grid, Dirty little cloud. http://t.co/LErWYVDt #
  • Microsoft Office 2013: Best New Features for the Enterprise http://t.co/6dhAhwet #

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Twitter Updates for 2012-09-27

  • A New York Times report offers an in-depth look at a Microsoft data center, putting “the cloud” in solid terms and some green… #
  • This isn’t funny. OK. Maybe just a little bit. OK. It’s not. Apple supplier Foxconn closes factory after 2,000-person brawl…. #
  • The Sanders Daily is out! http://t.co/bQxtFsaL ▸ Top stories today via @Indianap_Buzz #
  • The Rolodex, Fax Machines, and Other Things That May Soon be Extinct http://t.co/eBud8sL0 #
  • Locally based Synovia merges. New firm provides GPS-driven products to school districts and private transportation firms to help manage… #
  • Alcoa Foundation Awards STEM Education Grant to connect middle and high school students to career opportunities in science, technology,… #
  • Forecast 2013: Setting a Mobile Risk Management Strategy http://t.co/Pl4KFEHf #
  • HDS, IBM Both Acquire Data Protection Software Vendors http://t.co/73htyMNM #
  • RIM kicked off its BlackBerry Jam Americas 2012 tour by introducing a redesigned App World store and offering developers a $10,000… #
  • HP Using Autonomy IDOL To Supercharge Document Management http://t.co/lQVdeWTS #

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Can anyone compete with Apple in the tablet market?

Yes. While Apple has a strong foothold on the tablet market, their entry has been primarily through retail sales fueled by an excellent marketing engine. Last year Apple held more than 80% of the tablet market and their market share is still in a commanding lead in 2011. That said, developers of Android, Web OS, and Win7 devices are quickly developing advanced products that offer an equal number of apps, provide standard USB connections and allow more standardized desktop plugins to work. Apple has long made great products and will no doubt continue to do so, but their large market share will also no doubt decline in this product line as consumers and businesses find the “right” device for their particular needs. I’ve long been a fan of Apple, but I’m also a huge fan of the right tool for the right job.

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