About Bill Sanders

As a trusted integrator, I provide my clients with proven technology solutions that are based on knowledgeable consultation, design, project management, procurement, and installation & support. I am focused on providing solutions to my customers that help them lower operating costs, enhance business functionality, and provide an immediate ROI. I enjoy a good challenge and continually hone my own information technology skills and knowledge to better serve my client base.

We All Can Benefit From A Little Low Tech

We spend all day on computers and then come home and use them again…it’s healthy for us to disengage at times. ln.is/www.zdnet.com/…

Ten reasons to still consider a basic flip phone in today’s smartphone world | ZDNet – Linkis.com Most phones sold by carriers are smartphones, but there are still many reasons that a basic flip phone is still a valid option for many people.

Hotter Than A Two Barreled Pistol

A double-barreled stainless steel 1911-style pistol?!? Sweet. I want one of these…er..two…whatever. ln.is/www.ijreview.c…

Weekends are made for sports, shooting, fishing, hiking and camping.

What a Gun Lover Does With His One-of-a-Kind Double-Barreled Pistols Breaks 2 World Records – Linkis.com “That’s a whole lot of fun.”

Do You Suppose Comcast Employees Use Comcast At Home?

Comcast: It doesn’t take $300 million to improve your customer service. It merely takes the right attitude, commitment and people….

My own personal Comcast customer service horror story (updated) | CIO This Comcast customer service nightmare demonstrates how a general lack of competition in the broadband market lets the notorious cable giant repeatedly get away with atrocious service.

The Latest Tech On Your Network: Drones

Drones are in the same category as body cams, the Internet of Things, and connected vehicles. ln.is/www.govtech.co…

CIOs Must Prepare for Drones – Linkis.com Drones can do all kinds of things, but a new brief from NASCIO explains that it’s going to take some introspection and planning.

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