1-to-1 Done Right

I’m able to connect with each of these kids, anywhere, anytime. #1to1 #edtech ln.is/dailyedventure…

A one-to-one project with the right thought behind does wondrous things in the teaching environment. Remember, it’s not about the technology….it’s about the children and how they learn.

“They’re getting their own laptop that they get to take home. They get to utilize it at home and… – Linkis.com

Spiceworks Is The Full Meal Deal!

“We accidentally ended up becoming a vertical network for IT pros,” ln.is/www.idgconnect…

As many of you know, I’m a huge Open Source fan. Truth be known, I live my life outside work in a Linux landscape that is entirely Open Source.

That said…….Spiceworks ROCKS!!!

IDG Connect – Founder wants ‘odd beast’ Spiceworks to be IT’s LinkedIn – Linkis.com Spiceworks founder Scott Abel sees his company as software developer, IT pro community, app store and marketing venue

Laws Were Meant To Be Broken…..Except Moore’s Law

Thanks to Moore’s law, we have roughly 65,000 times more processing power than we had in 1990. ln.is/www.idgconnect…

IDG Connect – Are you really using all that CPU power? – Linkis.com Computer technology has developed exponentially over the past few decades. But are we – and you – making good use of it?

Deep Freezing Your End-Users

At educational institutions these solutions keep users from taking down systems all the time. ln.is/computerworld.…

Locking down your end-users’ computers – Linkis.com There are more time-consuming ways to do this, but using the steady-state feature in Windows is Good Enough.

Why AntiVirus Companies Are Changing Strategies

Traditional signature-based anti-malware solutions are increasingly ineffective ln.is/computerworld.…

Antivirus doesn’t work. So why are you still using it? | Computerworld – Linkis.com Standalone antivirus is no longer effective at stopping today’s increasingly sophisticated barrage of key loggers, backdoors, rootkits, Trojan horses, worms and spyware.