How Far Is Too Far?

School officials acknowledge the online snooping might raise privacy questions. Ya think?!?…

Orange County Public Schools to monitor students on social media | News – Home – Orange County Public Schools acquires software to monitor social media “to proactively prevent, intervene and (watch) situations.”

1-to-1 Done Right

I’m able to connect with each of these kids, anywhere, anytime. #1to1 #edtech…

A one-to-one project with the right thought behind does wondrous things in the teaching environment. Remember, it’s not about the technology….it’s about the children and how they learn.

“They’re getting their own laptop that they get to take home. They get to utilize it at home and… –

Teachers, Not Technology, Teach

The fact that students make use of electronic devices doesn’t make them good users of what’s at their disposal.… I’ll go on to say that buying every student an iPad doesn’t mean the school is teaching the children well.

At the end of the day, nothing trumps good teaching. And by good teaching I mean understanding that every student is different and each student requires direction and guidance.

Technology is merely a tool like pencil and paper. I implore educators to put a plan around their tools before they run off spending money on cool toys.

Should Personalization Be the Future of Learning? – Education Next : Education Next –

Deep Freezing Your End-Users

At educational institutions these solutions keep users from taking down systems all the time.…

Locking down your end-users’ computers – There are more time-consuming ways to do this, but using the steady-state feature in Windows is Good Enough.