Hotter Than A Two Barreled Pistol

A double-barreled stainless steel 1911-style pistol?!? Sweet. I want one of these…er..two…whatever.…

Weekends are made for sports, shooting, fishing, hiking and camping.

What a Gun Lover Does With His One-of-a-Kind Double-Barreled Pistols Breaks 2 World Records – “That’s a whole lot of fun.”

Do You Suppose Comcast Employees Use Comcast At Home?

Comcast: It doesn’t take $300 million to improve your customer service. It merely takes the right attitude, commitment and people….

My own personal Comcast customer service horror story (updated) | CIO This Comcast customer service nightmare demonstrates how a general lack of competition in the broadband market lets the notorious cable giant repeatedly get away with atrocious service.

The Latest Tech On Your Network: Drones

Drones are in the same category as body cams, the Internet of Things, and connected vehicles.…

CIOs Must Prepare for Drones – Drones can do all kinds of things, but a new brief from NASCIO explains that it’s going to take some introspection and planning.

The Numbers Of Those Connected Will Grow Exponentially

Business leaders and policymakers must come to grips with the changing demography of the new digital class.…

The Next Billion: A New Digital Generation | Re/code – Massive uptake in broadband and new devices, staggering by themselves, forecasts unprecedented digital and social upheaval down the road.

Teachers, Not Technology, Teach

The fact that students make use of electronic devices doesn’t make them good users of what’s at their disposal.… I’ll go on to say that buying every student an iPad doesn’t mean the school is teaching the children well.

At the end of the day, nothing trumps good teaching. And by good teaching I mean understanding that every student is different and each student requires direction and guidance.

Technology is merely a tool like pencil and paper. I implore educators to put a plan around their tools before they run off spending money on cool toys.

Should Personalization Be the Future of Learning? – Education Next : Education Next –