Sometimes The Trees Get In The Way When You’re Trying To Look At The Forest

At some point, business leaders wind up with a distorted view of their products or services and the marketplace.…

It is my humble opinion that if you are redirecting your company based on what you are reading in the trades, you are too late in making the change. If you’re making the change based on where you see others being successful, you’re too late in making the change.

The only real direction on where you should steer your corporate vessel comes from understanding your core business, where you’ve been, what you’re good at, and where you’re customers need you to be as they evolve.

The ones who get it ignore the media and the competition and focus on their customers.

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The Times They Are a Changin’

The Internet is changing the economy and redistributing the relative value of global businesses around the world.

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Spiceworks Is The Full Meal Deal!

“We accidentally ended up becoming a vertical network for IT pros,”…

As many of you know, I’m a huge Open Source fan. Truth be known, I live my life outside work in a Linux landscape that is entirely Open Source.

That said…….Spiceworks ROCKS!!!

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