Laws Were Meant To Be Broken…..Except Moore’s Law

Thanks to Moore’s law, we have roughly 65,000 times more processing power than we had in 1990.…

IDG Connect – Are you really using all that CPU power? – Computer technology has developed exponentially over the past few decades. But are we – and you – making good use of it?

Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now…..

Corporations are sometimes blind to the message they send. Apple is no different.…

Seriously.  People are watching…..and they do talk. This may be completely a non-issue and Jony is doing great….but conspiracy theorists are often right in non-communicative situations.

Does he stay or go? Parsing Apple’s promotion of designer Jony Ive | Computerworld – Apple’s well-known designer, Jony Ive, has been promoted to the newly created position of chief design officer. Does that mean he’s staying at the company or leaving?

It’s FIFA Not Fievel. The mouse is fine. A Bunch Of Soccer Guys….Not So Much

Soccer officials charged with racketeering and bribery offenses. #FIFA…

U.S. indicts world soccer officials in alleged $150 million FIFA bribery scandal – The… – Officials were arrested in Switzerland, which is also probing corruption in award of World Cup to Qatar and Russia.

Security As Tight As A Steel Sieve

The irony is that the IRS wouldn’t email me my tax transcript for security reasons.…

Thieves stole data on 100,000 taxpayers via IRS app | Computerworld – They first dug up Social Security data, dates of birth and street addresses through other sources.

Never Wear A Red Shirt To Work If You Work Here

USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E has landed in the coastal city of Changle in China’s southeast Fujian province…

Chinese Firm’s Headquarters Shaped Like ‘Star Trek’s’ Enterprise – China Real Time Report – WSJ – With the help of Google Maps, fans of the science fiction franchise “Star Trek” have boldly gone to China to find a new discovery: the USS Enterprise as a work of architecture.
Red-Shirts-580x464  Redshirt (character) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – In many episodes of Star Trek red-uniformed security officers and engineers who accompany the main characters on landing parties often suffer quick deaths.[