A Face Lift for a Fairly Young Community

Salesforce has now given Community Cloud a major update. ln.is/computerworld.…

Salesforce Community Cloud gets recommendation tool to boost engagement | Computerworld – Linkis.com The update also lets companies create their own communities complete with custom apps.

It Doesn’t Appear That Chrome Will Ever Tarnish

Chromebook shipments worldwide will touch 7.29 million this year ln.is/computerworld.…

Chromebook craze won’t abate this year | Computerworld – Linkis.com Google’s effort to add features and push Chromebooks into more hands is working, with shipments of the low-cost laptops expected to jump 27 percent this year.

Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Wheel

Personally delivered HP All-In-One computers to 5 schools today. #edtech ln.is/ow.ly/i/hDQIa

We found ourselves a man short the day before a scheduled desktop delivery.  While others may have freaked out, I saw this as an opportunity to see my customers, check out the environment where the computers will be going, talk to the school techs, get out of the office, and get a little exercise.

Everything went without a hitch (pun intended).  By the way, these All-In-One computers were imaged, asset tagged, and green packaged for location delivery.  The customer was also given an electronic asset report by location.

It’s always fun bringing new technology to schools.

Ow.ly – image uploaded by @BillSanders1 (Bill Sanders) – Linkis.com

Now Is That Really Necessary?

Trash talk from top Dell execs keen to dig into the enterprise market and do battle with Cisco on its own turf. ln.is/www.crn.com/ne…

Dell Enterprise President Takes Shots At Cisco UCS Director – Page: 1 | CRN – Linkis.com Dell Wednesday fired yet another shot over the bow of rival Cisco Systems, boasting that its revamped Active System Manager is 80 percent faster and nearly 100 percent cheaper…