1-to-1 Done Right

I’m able to connect with each of these kids, anywhere, anytime. #1to1 #edtech ln.is/dailyedventure…

A one-to-one project with the right thought behind does wondrous things in the teaching environment. Remember, it’s not about the technology….it’s about the children and how they learn.

“They’re getting their own laptop that they get to take home. They get to utilize it at home and… – Linkis.com

We All Can Benefit From A Little Low Tech

We spend all day on computers and then come home and use them again…it’s healthy for us to disengage at times. ln.is/www.zdnet.com/…

Ten reasons to still consider a basic flip phone in today’s smartphone world | ZDNet – Linkis.com Most phones sold by carriers are smartphones, but there are still many reasons that a basic flip phone is still a valid option for many people.

Hotter Than A Two Barreled Pistol

A double-barreled stainless steel 1911-style pistol?!? Sweet. I want one of these…er..two…whatever. ln.is/www.ijreview.c…

Weekends are made for sports, shooting, fishing, hiking and camping.

What a Gun Lover Does With His One-of-a-Kind Double-Barreled Pistols Breaks 2 World Records – Linkis.com “That’s a whole lot of fun.”

Do You Suppose Comcast Employees Use Comcast At Home?

Comcast: It doesn’t take $300 million to improve your customer service. It merely takes the right attitude, commitment and people….

My own personal Comcast customer service horror story (updated) | CIO This Comcast customer service nightmare demonstrates how a general lack of competition in the broadband market lets the notorious cable giant repeatedly get away with atrocious service.