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Just as companies are gearing up plans to make use of cloud computing, the number of suppliers is shrinking

Information Technology is an industry that changes while you’re sleeping at night.  As a solutions provider, the trick is to play it with a zone defense.  Trying to go man to man will always have the bigger/better players pushing around you. Know your size, speed and skills and you can still win the game.

Oh….sorry for the basketball reference. But you’ll always perform better as a team by remembering what got you to the playoffs, your training, your basic skills, and focusing on your strengths. For some reason the movie Hoosiers popped in my mind…..

That all said, the linked article is pretty enlightening on what’s going on in the industry today.

Clouds Ready For Enterprise? Gartner Says Few Are – InformationWeek Amazon’s innovations and services give it an edge with enterprises, while Microsoft, Google, IBM, VMware, and CenturyLink nip at its heels.

Fiction Becomes Reality. I’m Not Makin’ This Stuff Up.

The rise of the bots has begun, and humans fall farther behind with each passing day.

Bots Outpace Humans Online: Study – InformationWeek Humans were responsible for only 41% of network traffic monitored by Distil Networks; bots made up the rest. What does this mean for your applications?

We Have To Break The Habit To Move Forward

The CDO title represents the recognition that we can no longer do business in the “industrial age” way.…

CIO-CDO Dual Role Reinforces the Digital Commitment – Dave Truzinksi discusses the addition of Chief Digital Officer to his CIO responsibilities at NII Holdings

Deep Freezing Your End-Users

At educational institutions these solutions keep users from taking down systems all the time.…

Locking down your end-users’ computers – There are more time-consuming ways to do this, but using the steady-state feature in Windows is Good Enough.