Can anyone compete with Apple in the tablet market?

Yes. While Apple has a strong foothold on the tablet market, their entry has been primarily through retail sales fueled by an excellent marketing engine. Last year Apple held more than 80% of the tablet market and their market share is still in a commanding lead in 2011. That said, developers of Android, Web OS, and Win7 devices are quickly developing advanced products that offer an equal number of apps, provide standard USB connections and allow more standardized desktop plugins to work. Apple has long made great products and will no doubt continue to do so, but their large market share will also no doubt decline in this product line as consumers and businesses find the “right” device for their particular needs. I’ve long been a fan of Apple, but I’m also a huge fan of the right tool for the right job.

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HP Slate 500: A Business Class Tablet

HP Slate 500

HP Slate 500

If you’ve been looking for a tablet that can be managed in your Active Directory environment just like your desktops, laptops and convertible tabs….you’re wait is over. The FedEx truck brought me an HP Slate 500 on Friday and this tablet truly is a business class tablet.

    By business class, I mean this tablet will integrate just fine into an Active Directory environment.

The HP Slate 500 comes loaded with Windows 7 Professional on board a 64gb solid state hard drive, 2gb of memory, front and rear facing cameras, a 2.0 USB port, an SD card slot,Integrated 802.11b/g/n + Bluetooth 3.0, an integrated combo headphone/microphone jack, integrated microphone and integrated stereo speakers. It also comes out of the box with a leather case, battery operated stylus, and a docking station that sets the Slate upright to utilize it’s 8.9″ diagonal screen as a monitor and allows you to connect a full size keyboard and a mouse.

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ViewPad 7: Big Fun From A Little Tablet

ViewPad 7 New In Box

ViewPad 7

You can almost imagine my excitement when I got an email from my ViewSonic representative that I had a ViewPad 7 on the way to show to clients. I copied the FedEx tracking number and checked on it’s ETA about every five minutes. I have to admit that I’m like a little kid at Christmas when I have new technology on the way, but this one is just a little bit different.

More than six months ago I was asked by my clients to find an iPad alternative. They wanted something that played Adobe Flash, had a USB port, offered Bluetooth and could be controlled in an enterprise environment – preferably with Group Policy. So, I did my good deed and put the challenge out to the manufacturers.  This ViewPad 7 is the first to arrive and I anticipate a 10″ dual boot (Win7/Android) ViewPad 10 from ViewSonic in a few weeks. Samsung has a Sliding PC 7 in route and ever elusive HP Slate is still on back order…but I have confidence it will get here.

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Technology and Basketball

Last week I attended an awesome event in downtown Indianapolis that brought technology and sports together. Sponsored by MCPc, HP and VMware,  a group of technology professionals from the public sector as well as private sector assembled to watch the Indiana Pacers play the Dallas Mavericks on the hardwood of Conseco Fieldhouse.

Of course the presentation prior to the game on how HP storage is designed to work optimally with VMware was the entire reason for getting together. However, it was the post-presentation conversations courtside that allowed everyone to dig deeper into the benefits of utilizing HP storage.

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Have you seen a noticeable decline in the quality of Google search results? Have you switched to another search engine because of it?

Yep, the results seem to be a little more filtered than they used to be and I occasionally do use Bing. That said, old habits die hard and I still primarily use Google. I do miss the days when there were a blue zillion search engines with different results.

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UPDATE:  I slept on my response and woke up with the conclusion that I may just be living with blinders on. I did a little research this morning and discovered that there still are a blue zillion search engines. seems to have the most comprehensive list. Time to go searching.