Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Wheel

Personally delivered HP All-In-One computers to 5 schools today. #edtech

We found ourselves a man short the day before a scheduled desktop delivery.  While others may have freaked out, I saw this as an opportunity to see my customers, check out the environment where the computers will be going, talk to the school techs, get out of the office, and get a little exercise.

Everything went without a hitch (pun intended).  By the way, these All-In-One computers were imaged, asset tagged, and green packaged for location delivery.  The customer was also given an electronic asset report by location.

It’s always fun bringing new technology to schools. – image uploaded by @BillSanders1 (Bill Sanders) –

One for all and All-In-One: HP’s Compaq 6000 Pro

If you’re familiar with the HP Compaq 6000 Pro family, then you know you can select from a myriad of configurations and sizes for the desktop. In fact, the options are so great that if you hear of someone talking about a 6000 Pro, you’re going to have to ask more questions to understand exactly what they’re talking about, “…is it a micro-tower, a small form factor, the size of a toaster?” Ok, so they don’t make them the size of a toaster, but last June they did put the reliable 6000 Pro innards into the framework of an all-in-one PC.

HP Compaq 600 All In One

HP Compaq 600 All In One

I got my hands on one of these a couple of months ago and it made the rounds to client sites with positive feedback following in its footsteps. It truly does meet the enterprise class expectations of reliability, security, manageability and stability already established by the HP 6000 series of machines.

The HP Compaq 6000 Pro All-in-One boasts impressive performance features, including a choice of Intel Core 2 Duo processors, Windows 7 Professional 32- or 64-bit operating system, up to 8 gigabytes (GB) of DDR3 memory, hard drives up to 1 terabyte and an optional 80-GB solid-state drive. Featuring a 21.5-inch diagonal full HD LED backlit HP BrightView LCD screen with dual display capability, the PC offers crisp videoconferencing for face-to-face communication, maximized through Bluetooth wireless solutions. Continue reading “One for all and All-In-One: HP’s Compaq 6000 Pro” »