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A recap of some of my latest Twitter posts.

I’m always fascinated by new words and modern technology has brought us the word phablet. Apparently a phablet is designed to combine or straddle the functionalities of a smartphone and tablet.  In other words, it’s too small to be a tablet and too big to be a phone, yet you’re still able to make calls on it. Apparently these hybrid devices are skewing the sales of tablets and phones. To mess up things even more, the market is moving toward wearable tech to replace all of these devices.

Apparently the FTC is fairly serious about protecting medical data.  Sure, there are documented parameters to being HIPPA compliant, but we may have to go back to sneakernet to completely ensure protection.

I’m fairly certain Google will hold all the cards when the game is over.  All things Chrome are pretty cool looking.  The Chromecast is no exception.

Indianapolis based ExactTarget has seen tremendous growth since their inception.  Now that they are owned by, there may be some overlapping of personnel. So the logical next step is to figure out how not to pay for the extra employees.  Sadly, 200 must go.

As the shine starts to wear off the iPad and users look beyond games and email, there needs to be a savior to bring these devices back to usefulness.  Parallels has the answer.

I’ve Played Angry Birds…Now What?

Mobile DevicesQuite frankly, I’m a gadget guy. I dig technology. I love to tinker and I love to get my hands on the latest technology to see how it works.  I look at everything from the “cool factor” first and then figure out how I can incorporate the technology into my daily life. If I can’t figure a way for a piece of technology to make my life easier or more productive, I then try to figure out how I can alter that technology so it will.  Finally, if it merely has a cool factor and the technology just plain and simple doesn’t do anything to make my day better….well….I walk away from it.  So, where does this long explanation of my view on new technology take us? To the tablet.

iPadTablets are extremely cool.  There’s one on either side of my bed that are used for reading books. There’s one in my living room for checking email and surfing Facebook.  I’m pretty sure I have one in my backpack…although it probably needs charged. The point is that they are more like IT accessories to me.  To be truly honest, I use my smartphone and laptop more than anything. My smartphone does all the things I need when I’m very mobile and my laptop gives me all the power I need when I can stop for a few minutes to get something done.  I realize that the tablet is designed to be a middle use device between my smartphone and laptop, but I just haven’t figured out yet how it makes my daily life easier. Of course your mileage may vary.

Angry BirdsNow to the heart of this story. My first link below asks a pretty straight forward question that I know a lot of people in education are asking. “Is the tablet effectively engaging students, or is it a distraction to learning?” Let me ask a few more questions I hear bantered about. “Are they buying tablets because they’re cool or do they actually have a plan on how to use them?” “What’s next beyond the tablet?” There are more questions just like these that educators are struggling with every day. It’s what I like to refer to as the I’ve-Played-Angry-Birds-Now-What Syndrome.

These are all tough questions to answer. We’ve seen tablets have limited success in education as well as corporate environments.  And really, given the short time they’ve been in play, we should say limited success.  We haven’t however seen wide spread success.  Many are still trying to find their path with this technology long after they’ve acquired it.

Sure, IT consultants like myself can assist with finding the right footing for your technology. That’s why guys like me like to tinker with the new stuff when it gets released. But generally, technology in an active environment should be driven by business requirements and business requirements should never be driven by technology.

So, today’s research is below and I will now step down from my tablet box. I hope you’re having a great Monday.

  • Is the iPad (or tablet) effectively engaging students, or is it a distraction to learning. ->
  • 20 Game-Changing Technology Trends That Will Create Both Disruption and Opportunity on a Global Level ->
  • Terminator Eyes: Hi-tech contact lenses show texts and maps
  • How to Choose Between Scale-Up vs. Scale-Out Architectures for Backup and Recovery

IT Sales Down In 3rd, HP Revolves & iPad vs Surface

3rd Quarter ResultsThe big IT financial news a few weeks ago was about how much of a bath the PC market took in the 3rd quarter of 2012.  Then on December 2nd I posted about how the server market tanked, but Cisco and Dell did well in an otherwise dreary space. Well, now we find out that the network switch and router market slowed in the 3rd quarter. It is now safe to say that the entire IT industry didn’t fair as well as it would have liked in the 3rd quarter. Oddly, that coincides to the overall US economy. So my lead story today is…..not a surprise.

EliteBook RevolveHP has announced that it is extending their 3Par Storage line from midrange to enterprise. That’s great news for those enterprise clients that are already using 3Par as their primary storage. I guess you have to play in the big leagues before you can claim to be a big league player.  Also from HP….you really need to check out the EliteBook Revolve. The Revolve is a touchscreen convertible laptop.  As I mentioned on November 29th in Touch Screens, Slab Computers, Flying Cars & Drones touch screen laptops are an excellent idea in that eliminates the need of carrying a blue-tooth keyboard around for your tablet. I stand by that statement. It will be these devices that bring PC sales up in 2013.

If I still haven’t convinced you to hold out for that perfect touch screen convertible laptop and you still want to be like the rest of the kids on the block with a cool tablet, may I direct your attention to the tablet smackdown link below. This should wet your whistle on the age old Apple OS vs Windows debate. The link right below that digs a little deeper into the Windows 8Surface. It makes you think there may be a market out there for people who are somewhere between the laptop and the tablet. Wait….isn’t that kinda what I’ve been saying.

If you do decide to go with a Windows 8 device, the last link in today’s research shows you six built-in utilities. While the headline indicates that nobody knows about them, it begs the question of how the article was ever written.

I hope you had a great Thursday!  Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!

Enterprise MS Win Tablet OS Choices & IOS In Education

HP Elitepad 900As more Windows tablets start hitting the market, you are likely going to be trying to figure out whether or not you want to run Windows 8 Pro or Windows 8 RT. Of course the processor may have a huge say in that, so it may be more of a question of whether you want a device with Pro or RT.  The first link below takes a look at this Windows tablet question. Keep in mind that Pro = Fat and RT = Real Thin. Of course that’s not the way Microsoft is marketing it, but that’s pretty much the long and short of it. There’s also a little added bonus link right below today that may help you on whether or not you should migrate to Win 8.

While I’m on the topic of tablets, let’s switch operating systems over to IOS and take a look at the flood of iPads that have flowed into some Indiana schools.  The link below from the Indianapolis Star is a very interesting article on the trials and tribulations of introducing Apple’s slab computer into education systems.  Words like security, curriculum, responsibility and cost get thrown around. These early adopters of tablets haveReady Fire Aim to be commended, but now its time to put some policies around those things. The good news is that many of us have a good plan on how to effectively roll tablets out and manage them in an enterprise or education environment.  You can only hope we can all get together soon.

From the classroom to the boardroom, IT has historically streamlined processes, reduced costs and increased scale. The link below from Forbes takes a look at how current technology will support growth in your business. I particularly like the section on creating a digital edge. Oddly, I don’t believe the author mentioned tablets anywhere in the story.

If your “digital edge” includes Intel Core Processors, it looks like they will be less of a drain in the near future.

Sorry for the late update tonight. It’s been a long day. Hope you’ve had a fantastic Tuesday.

Touch Screens, Slab Computers, Flying Cars & Drones

ChromebookThe way I see it, Google has less than a month to come up with a touch-screen Chromebook.  They may have only a few weeks if the Mayans were right. 🙂 Seriously though, touch screen laptops are an excellent idea in that eliminates the need of carrying a blue-tooth keyboard around for your tablet. Anyway, it’s a nice read below on the thought process and it looks like Google is going to possibly brand this hardware themselves. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

JetsonsAccording to the link below on the future of storage, “Changes in the way businesses store and manage data in the next decade will force IT personnel to adopt new skills or look for a new job.” It’s all well and good to make statements like that, but I have to tell you my career plan as a flying car mechanic didn’t actually work out for me. Instead, I became a grounded technologist. Heck, I didn’t even get to work at Spacely Space Sprockets. I guess what I’m saying is that as fast as technology changes, it is very difficult to predict the next ten years. Sometimes it’s hard to gauge the next ten days. That said, it’s always good to get a little perspective on the perceived future. I think it helps with making those daily decisions.

Speaking of future, a few short years ago we would have never guessed that tablets would be ruling the end user environment. If you still don’t have a tablet, check out the link below on how to buy a tablet. There’s also a cool link right after that on how a kindergarten teacher is using an iPad in her classroom. I provide this link for all of those K-12 people Appbonus for the K-12 group, check out the link on students offering up their views on using Twitter for research.

If you’ve been wondering what practical experience comes from playing the Xbox all day….. Apparently Call of Duty actually does serve a purpose in the real world. Oh….here’s a surprise video.

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